The so called “safety net” of the welfare state is failing people who’ve worked their entire adult lives. When people cheer on the government’s welfare reforms they should sit back and question what will happen to them if they become disabled. I’ll probably write on this subject from my own point of view soon, but in the meantime I urge you to read Tom’s thought provoking post.

Thomas Hemingford

I have no idea why my wife and I ever bothered paid into the system. Which, in turn, means we wonder why we ever bothered working.

People buy into all the TV productions, media headlines and political nonsense about benefits. But the likes of “Benefits Street” or Benefits Britain are not factually typical or realistic. They are far from representative, and always one-sided.

We worked hard for years, and both of us had excellent incomes. I worked in Computer Science and then later in Software Development and management. My wife worked in finance. We had cars, a house (or should I say mortgage), holidays every year, and we didn’t want for anything.

One can argue that we worked for it and earned it, but the truth is that we had good fortune too. As much as people try to ‘make their own luck’, we all need the cards to be…

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