My response to an email asking if I’d like to join my local Conservative party (written on my phone so ignore typos):

I’m disabled- I have ME, FM, Atrophy of spinal muscles, hyper mobility, PTSD & depression. Under the Tories I have been bullied by ATOS, I have lost my ESA despite being told by my health professionals that I am not allowed to sit up for long. I live in an overcrowded house thanks to the right to buy scheme- a problem which Cameron is seeking to extend. I no longer receive many of the disability aids I rely upon

thanks to changes in funding. I have to wait a month to see my doctor.

My husband has bipolar. Thanks to mental health cuts we no longer have a local hospital. The same cuts meant that when my husband had become a risk to himself and others no one would listen to me begging for a bed. He waited years for psychological services, he waited years for a care-coordinator, he has had numerous crisis appointments cancelled on him. He only ended up getting help when he disappeared in mental health crisis and needed a long hospital stay. During this time it took 6 weeks for social services support to begin and another 2 weeks before we could get carers because the system is falling apart.
My middle child has autism, adhd, learning disability, processing skills disorder, generalising disorder, sensory processing disorder, dysgraphia, dyscalxilia and dyslexia. Thanks to the coalition making cuts he was on the waiting list for assessment for years. After which I had to find him a school place with no support.

My youngest child probably has autism, adhd and a mood disorder. We’re on another waiting list being told it will be 18 months minimum wait. Although everyone in the services is petrified that further cuts will mean longer waits. My son has had to leave school and become home educated (a situation I can’t get any help with and may be screwed over for my lack of options when universal credit is rolled out). When my son has meltdowns he does hundreds of pounds worth of damage, he beats me, his brothers, and my carers. His dad can’t live here whilst he’s unstable but I have to call him out every other night because I need him to physically restrain my son. Apparently it’s unlikely we’ll qualify for disability services’ support because he doesn’t reach the very high threshold you now need to reach. Social services tell me I have to pay for respite from their DLA- DS2’s DLA is already all used up on the minimal support I’m paying for already & DS3 doesn’t get DLA because he’s not even diagnosed yet.

Despite all this your party likes to classify people like me as “scroungers”. That I have my curtains closed due to photosensitivity is now a signal to my neighbours that I should be viewed with suspicion thanks to your Chancellor. Despite this complete lack of help in the system your party has already destroyed, I have to face that your government wants to cut another £12bn in welfare spending. Some days I’m so exhausted by my life I have to spend the whole day fighting suicidal urges. I cannot face the prospect of a life with even less support once the Conservatives destroy it all even more.

So in answer to your email, no, I do not wish to join the local conservatives.

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